Thursday, February 26, 2009

What kind of cake are you?

Today's funny: You know all those terms of endearment we all use? Sweetie Pie, Honey Bun, Cutie Patootie, Mad Scientist etc,etc. Well this morning, when it was time to go to school, I said "Lexi Cake, it's time to go" Then I looked at her and asked, " If you were a cake, what kind of cake would be?" At this point I was thinking Strawberry Short Cake. She looked at me with that high eyebrow I know it all kind of look and said in her very best drippin' with honey kind of voice, " Angle Food Cake"

I laughed but you know, she is so right.
Just look at her in her monogrammed purple head band with those long piggy tails, polka dot school bag and sparkly red converse shoes. Is that not the attire of an earth angle?

Day two done. I'm off to watch Grey's Anatomy now.

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