Monday, March 9, 2009

Snow?!? That's weird.

A most unusual thing happened today. It snowed in Victoria. You would think that I would go out and take pictures of this rare event. But Nnoooo....not me. Oh well, at least I have a bunch from December. Not such a strange time for us to see snow but the amount we were blessed with was special. This picture of the house doesn't show the snow at it's deepest but I think you get the idea. The snow in December impacted our life in some really great ways. We enjoyed more family time that normal. I did not drive for weeks, I liked that. Amazingly, is was all timed for the Christmas Holiday, not one missed day of school.

As you can see from these captured moments we had same great fun in all that fluffy white stuff. We went for long walks, we threw snow balls, we did a lot of sledding on the fancy new sled that Sean and Lewis made us due to the fact that they could not fine our store bought one. It was hanging on the outside wall of the wood shed, in plain sight, I could see it from the front door of the house. But never mind that because I love the new sled. It really is far superior and every time I look at it my chest fills with pride at how Sean and his brothers can do just anything if they decide they want to. I mean really, who goes out sledding with their daughters and in the time it takes the Mom to get herself snow geared up (after getting the rest of the family bundled up mind you)and stuff extra mittens,tissues,a camera and a cell phone (you know, just in case) in her pockets can build a sled, a really good sled, big enough to comfortably seat two adults or three children. They never cease to amaze me.

I could go on and on about all that we did and experienced due to our December snow but it would just take too long. I will say this, I am grateful to have been able to have a winter holiday in my own back yard and not have to drive to Mt Washington and rent a cabin to get it.

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