Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy April.
As this spring time begins I find myself  looking forward to the fading of the Feb/March blues. The blues go away every year about now, hang in there honey, have faith, you will be ok.
Another typical symptom of spring is the scattered brain. Today for example the average minute contained thoughts of the office, an apartment in Paris, the house work, how am I going to learn french in one year?, what are we going to have for dinner, graduation, sea soil, I think I will google the districts of Paris, invisalign, I should really shower soon, where is the dog?, I am so having my coffee outside to day, this office sucks, should I call that life coach?, what day is!?!, its okay..I'm good...it's not Wednesday yet, what am I going to do for dinner?, I should order a yoga bolster, how can it be 5 o'clock already?, my ears hurt, maybe if I draw something...., i have got to get to bed earlier today, I should blog today.
There a number of things I know that I should be doing daily to help myself feel more happiness. One of those things happen to be journaling. Blogging is a form of journaling. I have been trying to journal in a traditional way with a pen and a notebook. I have also been dabbling in art jounaling using a sketch book and multiple mediums. I am going back to blogging simply because I always know where my computer is and the keyboard doesn't stain my clothes.
In an attempt to take control of the mental health storm I have decided to address my office first. This is a space that I spend a great deal of time and apparently a uncluttered and organized space is a happy space. It's true, I have actually experienced this phenomenon a few times in my life.


This needs to be addressed. Get it? All that mail...addressed? Hahahahahah.

There needs to be art here and this most certainly is not art. (except for Bill there in the top left)

This is just embarrassing. What is even in all those binders? 

There needs to be plants on that window sill.

This is my work space not a dumping ground for outdated computer bits. How did this happen?

Lighting, that's what I need, bright and pretty lighting.

This is not a mud room people!

And that is why I take a very deep breath each morning as I hold on firmly to my cup of coffee and say "I'm going to the dungeon now"
But no more. This stops today. Well tomorrow. Right now I am going to go to bed while I still consider it to be early. Wish me luck.

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