Tuesday, July 21, 2009

For Yvonne

My friend asked me to send her some pics of our house in progress so here we go....

This is me standing in a prickly thicket trying to get the whole house in one shot.
The part of the house with the curved roof and out of control wisteria is the original part of the house.

This is the new part of the house. This will eventually look like a grand entrance.

This is the side of the house that you would first see as you start up the driveway. The door and window on the bottom level will be our new office. That part sticking out to the left,way back behind there, that is my kitchen. (original house) The top floor is where the girl's bedrooms and bathroom is as well as Marie-Claude's office and the guest room. When ya all commin' to visit
The middle floor is the shared party room.
The part of the house off to the right is Lewis and Marie-Claude's side.

And this is the view from my front porch where I occasionally sit and drink coffee.

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