Sunday, July 12, 2009

My how time flys away.

What the....has it been 5 months?!?

Well here is little of what I have done since then.

Drove Xana to 14 jazz dance classes.
Drove Xana to 28 ballet classes. Thankfully she had two classes back to back or it would have been 42.
Picked her up from all those classes too.
Picked Lexi and her friend up from 14 ballet classes.
Drove Xana to 10 voice lessons.
Drove xana to about 30 violin lessons.
2 dance rehersals.
1 violin/piano rehersal
1 voice rehersal.
2 dance recitals.
3 violin/piano recitals.
1 voice recital.
2 class picnics.
1 class presentation.
1 class project hosted at our house under the condition that I did not speak.
2 book club nights
a few soccar games for Lexi.
7 performances in the Greater Victoria Arts Festival for Xana.
1 locker cleanout.
1 broken heart. It's hard being 12 and oh so much more mature that the boys tha age.
2 trips to the Koots.
made popcorn for 4 hot lunches
and 1 movie night at Lexi's school.
1 trip to Vancouver for a French Camp meeting.
Spent approx 56 days with baby boy Felix.

Took the trash and recycling out 9 times.
Read with Lexi in her classroom 5 times.
Took the girls to the library 10 times.
Hung a clothes line.
Took Lexi and Maxime to swimming lessons 5 times.
1 piano exam.
1 violin exam.
distributed fruits and veggies to Lexi's school 4 times.
Spent the 1 long weekend in Seattle. They have the best zoo!

Worked a little but not nearly as much as I should have.
Packed 148 lunches.
Washed way too much laundry.
Discovered Wayne Dyer and am very happy about it.
Walked the dog almost every day.
Didn't read nearly enough.
Didn't scrapbook at all.
Mowed the lawn once, yes, just once.
Did 2 sodukos.
Got 1 haircut.
Participated in 1 easter egg hunt.

Ok that was all completly random but you get the idea.
Here's to all the busy, happy Moms out there.

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