Friday, July 31, 2009

I saw the light(s).

I know it is already this weekend but this is a pic from last weekend. Sean and I went to the Luminara Festival at Beacon Hill Park, something I have been wanting to do since the first year we moved to Victoria but have only gotten around to actually going this year. Does it take 8 years to get things done in anyone else's world? As luck would have it, it rained. Not a light drizzle. It poured. Thunder and lighting too. No precipitation of any kind for months, beautiful and sunny all day long, dusk arrives, the candles all get lit and within minutes people are taking cover under the trees and hundreds of paper lanterns collapsed into a drippy mess. Mother Nature did offer up her own display of lights in the way of a beautiful sunset...oh, and lighting. It was fun just the same though. The displays were great, the entertainment prior to dusk was fantastic, and our company was second to none. (Tam, Marc, Barb, Art and my little Buckaroo)
That pink thing on the top of his head, that was a lantern.

There is Felix and his Mama admirering a very cool fairy tree.

Some very cool guy that agreed to take on the role of his girlfriends lantern holder.
Side note: his girlfriend made that thing and it, along with a very large glowing cupcake hat that I saw later that night, won my "best creations" award.

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