Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The 1st of November

I read a piece of advice the other day, it was for those of us that that want to do something with our lives but do not know what it is we want to do. The the advisor simply asked the question;
What do you think about when you allow your mind to wander?

Well I started to pay attention and this is what I have noticed. I think about all sorts of things;
  • riding my bike across the country, ( I haven't ridden a bike in years by the way) in this day dream I spend the nights in cute little bed and breakfast type places.
  • taking on a large community fundraising event that turns out wildly successful
  • having my home on a garden tour
  • making a fine living as an artist (my medium is always a little vague in this one)
  • sometimes I want to be an emergency preparedness expert
  • teacher
  • yoga teacher
  • master gardener
  • what it would be like to be a recovering hoarder
  • often I think up love stories
  • working at Starbucks or Mountain Equipment Co-op
  • owning a scrapbook store
  • owning an online scrapbook store
  • daycare... for kids, old people and dogs like on Raising Hope.
  • learning how to play the ukulele
  • life coach
  • Organization Specialist
  • cupcake engineer
  • event planner
  • book editor
  • I also dream about being young again if for no other reason that to have nice bum that is why I haven't decided what I what to be when I grow.
Oh, OK... today I will start by buying a one month Breathing Space pass and taking as many classes as I can possibly fit into the month of November. That will be my first step into "yoga teacher" and "nice bum" and maybe all that meditating will help me find my path.

I'll keep you posted.

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