Friday, November 27, 2009

Another new view

So today was a crazy day for me and I was in and out of the house, in a mad rush mind you, about 5 times. As a result, I did not check in with any one until 9:30 tonight. I looking for the boys after getting the girls to bed. I expected to find them working hard, one on the computer perhaps and the other drilling,sanding,nailing or painting something. But this is what I found and what an exciting find it was. Welcome home Lewis.

OK this one looks kind of cluttered but really it looks like "home"

There, that is a better view.

It's Friday! Not that that means much of a difference around here. It's just another work day...but we can justify a little beer.

Look Maxime look! It's your room!

We are just sittin' here a waitin' for ya Maxime.

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