Tuesday, November 24, 2009

weekend of November 21/22

We did a huge number of things this weekend especially if we count the pro D day as part of the weekend. Here are the highlights however.

We made play dough.

Xana went to see the second movie in the Twilight series. She has read all the books, four I think.

We started painting Lexi's room!! Stay tuned...

Sean worked on the upstairs bathroom most of the weekend. Mostly stuff that will not be seen in the finished product. He did start the floor tile though.

Other things we did;

1)made brownies.

2)moved boxes from the old place to the new.

3)cleaned the fridge.

4)painted the ceilings of Lexi's rm, the guest rm and the hallway.

5)hours of homework.

6)3 chapters of Alex and the Ironic Gentleman. Great book by the way.

7) 1 chapter of The Eye of the Crow. Young Sherlock Holmes.

8)several chapters of The life of Pi. Also a great book.

9)2 trips to Home Depot.

10) 1 trip to the mall.

11)Music lessons.

12)caught a rat.

13)made a beautiful Sunday breakfast among several other necessary meals.

14) 2 loads of laundry.

15) had a quick visit with Steph and Damon.

16)sang a little to Walker.

OK I am tired now.

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