Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

Another annual event. Pumpkin Carving. Eating of pumpkin soup. Toasting of pumpkin seeds. Throwing of pumpkin guts. Lighting of pumpkins carved. Pumpkin pie! I forgot the pumpkin pie this year. Oh well. Next year. We missed you Marie-Claude and Maxime. Here we have pumpkin head Felix with Uncle Lewis.

Here we have pumpkin sprout Walker with Tyota Leila.

Here we have the mess left by little monsters Lexi, Xana and all their friends.

Here we have some serious pumpkin carving going on.

This pumpkin carver won "most delicate" carving. She also won "took the longest" and "took way longer that everyone else" I will post a pic of the finished pumpkin when I get Tammy's pictures. It really was something to see.

And this is how we started infusing the holiday season into our happy little home.

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